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I've been working to simplify the Store-section, especially regarding the shirts.

Hopefully soon ya'll can order some of those superior designs easier. 😉






The CD Store is has been updated. The first ever All-Over Print Shirt is in mail and we are waiting for it to arrive. More shirt designs to come with reduced prices.


It's soon the time for a new video about what has been going on in the Desyre camp. There just might be clips of new songs in the background.  ;)


As presented in the Desyre's FB-page earlier, here's the new shirt.


























Happy New Year 2017, people! Some updates here and there.


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The Store is being updated.





The site will be in the constant state of updating.





First of all, Merry Christmas to all! Glory to God, in the name of Jesus, His risen Son!



Those of you who've been watching the Facebook-page already know, that the founding member Mazi is the only one in the band at the moment.

(Check out the colorful history in the Bio-section.)


This doesn't stop Mazi from writing new material, though. If you liked the highly praised Glamtron CD, you'll be pleased to hear that the same elements are present in the new pieces.


Desyre is still an independent act and perhaps the next album, God willing, will come out thru the band's own GLAMnation Records. But that is not the #1 plan. This is in the hands of God, people!










   • Glamtron CD


Soundmass (Australia)

   • Warning Of The Night CD

   • Glamtron CD


Levykauppa Äx (Finland)

   • Warning Of The Night CD

   • Glamtron CD


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