Last line-up of Desyre as a group (during the 2nd album Glamtron). The personnel was following:


Upper row:  Mazi Danger Bee (vocals/guitar), Mike Seeker (bass) & Jayce Prime (drums)

Kneeling on the floor:  Coco Tommy (guitar) & Lady Soundwave (synth).


After the release of Glamtron, the band slowly retired to a hiatus and eventually stopped its activity.

First demo

First gig

 HMM demo

HMM band

Blue/Red demo

Blue/Red band

Warning Of The Night

WOTN era band

Rehearsal pose

Team Glamtron






The vision of Desyre comes out of the ashes of Mazi's old band Lost Loved One (with a new musical approach - from darker stuff to more glammy metal). Mazi starts to write new pieces furiously after rediscovering his glam metal-roots.






First raw demo with two pieces:

He'll Be There (later to appear on the next demo as a new version) and a piano-ballad My Angel. Vocals and guitars by Mazi and a guy named Winski played everything else on keyboards (including the drums and bass).






First gig in Järvenpää, Finland at the Amphirock '03-happening.



Mazi Bee (vocals/guitar), Coco Tommy (guitar) and Jambo (bass)


Drummer left the group just before the gig, so the pre-recorded drums (by Winski, from the first demo) came from a CD, which was a funny and strange experience.


At the Amphirock Mazi meets (the future drummer of Desyre) Jayce for the first time and they talk about the possibility of him joining the band. Few rehearsals takes place, but more importantly Jayce teaches Mazi the basics of home-recording and becomes the music software consultant to Mazi. This is one of the pivotal moment in Desyre's timeline.






1st real demo Hair Metal Madness with 5 pieces: The Battle, What Is Love, He'll Be There, Undoings Of My Life, Jesus



Mazi Bee (vocals/guitar/bass), Coco Tommy (guitar), Zade Syre (drums) and BonBon Cha as a stand-in-bassist.


The 1st and 4th song was later re-done and appeared on the debut full lenght album.






2nd demo Out Of The Blue / Into The Red with 3 pieces: The Creation, Line Of Fire, Friendly Face



Mazi Bee (vocals/guitar), Coco Tommy (guitar), Jace Medley (bass) and Zade Syre (drums).


Little bit of gigging and the next year Desyre took a break, and Mazi & Zade joined the street metal band RedCat.






Desyre is reformed with a new line-up and the rehearsing begins with a new material on board.


The band is develops a slightly new style. One manager (self-proclaimed) approaches the band and is willing to do business. During that time Desyre have only some raw rehearses of the new pieces taped as the "manager" asks for a demo.


After hearing the music she first compares the look to Mötley Crüe and the music to Ramones. This and one another minor disagreement ends the relationship before it even begins. But...


Few months later she contacts again and asks for commission of 500 Euros. She claims to have being promoting the band to a certain Finnish record label and they're interested. All this behind the band's back. No deal, people! AND no proof of any of it being the truth.






Quite a few gigs are being performed, mainly in the Helsinki-area. Lots of memorable moments, including a mike that gives Mazi an electric shock every time his lips touches it and one known Finnish guitarist trying to buy Coco's furry vest repeatedly before the gig.


Desyre's wardrobe is making a mark, it seems. At the Nokia's Immortal Metal Fest the Italian main act, Thy Majesty, makes a point of the high price of the clothes, not knowing that Mazi is an avid user of sewing machine.






The band have been recording its first full lenght album, Warning Of The Night, for months and finally they release it in September the 11th. Reviews bounce from wall to wall. Metro-magazine's funny review describes the disc as joke - but as a functional one. The band is touched.



Mazi Bee (vocals/guitar), Coco Tommy (guitar), Mike Seeker (bass) and Jayce Prime (drums).






New member joins, as Lady Soundwave comes along as a full-time synth-player, thus enriching the sound considerably. Other members besides Mazi also start to write songs and the variety increases.


New writing-style sets in as the keyboard is now an integral part of the music. When it's all said and done, many leftover-pieces remains after the band chooses which ones to put on the follow-up album.






Taking a break from gigging and concentrating on songwriting is starting to pay off. The band is very pleased with the new material. Desyre's trademark of long recording period is once again present. More haste, less speed, as they say.


The 2nd full lenght album called Glamtron sees the light of day in 10.10. and immeditealy gets much more recognition than its predecessor.


The band owes a big thank to its old friend Christian Palin from Random Eyes who hops along as the vocal-producer and what not, thus earning also the credit as a co-arranger.



Mazi Bee (vocals/guitar), Coco Tommy (guitar), Lady Soundwave (synth), Mike Seeker (bass) and Jayce Prime (drums).


Suddenly the band is bombarded with licensing propositions and by promoters with a tour plan.


There are only two problems. First, all this takes a lot of money (which the band doesn't have at the time) and secondly the group is not doing that well. So, one by one the offers are being turned down - as much as it hurts to do so.


Slowly the band slips into a new hiatus and before long it's clear that Desyre is in a (deep) dormant state. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz........




2014 - 2015


A band meeting is being held, but no permanent solutions rises up. Mazi, Mike and Coco then forms an acoustic project, but after a while it also withers away.


Mazi is in contact with few other musicians and plans to set up a new band under the name Saboteur. Some of his left-overs from Glamtron are being re-written towards more of basic 80's metal, but once again nothing more comes out it.


During 2015 Mazi's flame for music is re-ignited and he founds a new potential within himself. The name Desyre is on the table again and it seems that there's no need to change the name after all.


Mazi is alone in the project now, but God knows what the future will bring. In lots of ways, this is the same situation where Mazi was in the 1998, when the idea for Desyre first came. The small town where he lived provided no players to join this kind of "80's costume band". Back then there was only the burning need for new songs and searching the missing personnel. Now there are lots of songs, so the odds might be a bit better.





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